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Remodeling Pros also offers surgical demolition services in Jacksonville, Florida.

License number CBC 1252347.

What is surgical demolition?

Surgical demolition is a technique of deconstruction that involves carefully, or “surgically”, removing the parts of a building that are no longer needed, while keeping the rest of the structure intact.

It’s also perfect for homeowners who want a large remodeling project but don’t want to disrupt their life or destroy their property.

This technique can be used in residential and commercial projects.

Surgical Demolition from Planning to Execution

Surgically deconstructing a building and removing debris is only possible with proper planning. Remodeling Pros specializes in careful planning in the beginning of a project to make sure your surgical demolition is executed to perfection.

Our team has the expertise to carefully plan your surgical demolition project to make sure other areas of the structure are not affected.

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Why use surgical demolition by Remodeling Pros?

Surgical demolition is a great strategy for circumstances like:

  1. Needing to continue using parts of a building during deconstruction.
  2. Saving building materials like fixtures, doors, appliances, lumber, bricks, and more for future use.
  3.  Wanting to avoid the mess and waste associated with traditional demolition practices.
  4. Keeping your yard or other property pristine during demolition and remodeling.

Remodeling Pros has been using the tactics of surgical demolition since 1998 in their exclusive Last Day Breakthrough service for remodeling projects.

If you need help with any demolition project, large or small, Remodeling Pros offers the surgical demolition services you need.

Remodeling Pros’ Surgical Demolition Equipment

Our equipment is perfect for making sure your life is not disrupted by demolition. Our wheeled dumpsters can remove all debris and our machines are maneuverable enough for any residential or commercial job.

For larger jobs, we also have access to some of the largest demolition machinery known to man.

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