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Remodeling Pros provides design build services for additions and major structural remodeling projects.

Learn more about Remodeling Pros services for residential and commercial projects below.

Before remodeling

Remodeling & Home Makeovers

Like our name says, we are Jacksonville Florida’s Remodeling Pros. If your home needs a makeover, we can design your remodel to maximize your home’s value. We also specialize in major structural repairs after storms and in older homes that need a little extra care.

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After remodeling


One of Remodeling Pros’ main services is indoor and outdoor additions. Each addition project is designed to leave as many existing walls as possible until the project is complete, using our Last Day Breakthrough system. Whether you are looking to add a bonus room, sunroom, covered deck or any other addition project, Remodeling Pros’ professional team can help you make your dream home a reality.

Learn more about addition design build remodeling projects here.

Surgical Demolition

Surgical demolition is a technique of deconstruction that involves carefully, or “surgically”, removing the parts of a building that are no longer needed, while keeping the rest of the structure intact.

It’s also perfect for homeowners who want a large remodeling project but don’t want to disrupt their life or destroy their property.

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3D Rendering & Design

What sets Remodeling Pros apart from other design build remodeling firms is our 3D rendering service. Each project we complete includes a 3D rendering of the final outcome we hope to achieve. That way you can visualize how your home or business will look when our team is done. To learn more about 3D rendering and all of our design build remodeling services, get in touch with us to discuss your project.

Learn more about our 3D rendering and design services here.


Remodeling Pros construction services are not limited to residential projects. We have helped businesses across the Jacksonville area create the space they need to best serve their customers. Both small and large businesses have relied on our years of expertise in design build remodeling. If your business is being held back by construction needs, contact Remodeling Pros today to see how we can help.

Window Walls

Remodeling Pros can help you embrace more natural light in your home with a window wall. Not only are window walls functional for bringing in more light, they can also increase the value of your home for resale.

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