For many homeowners, the idea of a home remodel or addition project invokes feelings of anxiety rather than happiness. If you are worried about the possible disruptions caused by your dream home remodeling or addition project, here are some tips for keeping balance while the project is underway.

Plan Ahead

Planning how you’ll manage a remodeling or addition project isn’t difficult, but there are plenty of aspects to consider. Use the following checklist to create a plan for you and your family to stay sane during the project:

  1. Will you need to make alternate plans for cooking, bathrooms or sleeping arrangements? If so, make those plans now by understanding how long essential functions will be unavailable.
  2. Find out when demolition will occur, including which days and what times. Take that opportunity to get out of the house so you aren’t driven crazy by loud noises or dust.
  3. Parking can sometimes be an issue if you have limited space. Make plans for where to have the construction team park so it’s not an unpleasant surprise when work begins.
  4. Got pets? Try and limit their stress too by keeping them out of the way of unfamiliar people, smells and noise. Keeping them calm can help keep you calm, too.
  5. Storing objects that you don’t want exposed to dust, or that just need to be out of the way of workers, is also a good idea.

Sometimes, projects don’t go as quickly or smoothly as planned. But you can minimize stress when the unexpected occurs by planning ahead as much as possible.

Work with the Right Design Build Firm

Finding the right design build firm for your remodeling or addition project is a must. Not only do you want them to complete the project on time, and on budget, you want a team that will limit your stress as much as possible.

Remodeling Pros is the home of the “Last Day Breakthrough” system. This system involved designing addition projects in such a way as to keep you separate from the construction as much as possible until the project is virtually complete. Our designers do this by using your existing walls to keep construction contained and away from your everyday life – which can help stop disruptions.

Debrief When the Project is Complete

While any good design build firm will help you understand what the finished project will look like when it’s finished, it’s a good idea to schedule a formal debrief when the project is completed to make sure your expectations were met. Remodeling Pros provides 3D renderings of each proposed remodeling or addition project, so you have a visual representation to refer to during and after construction is completed. We are always happy to meet with clients after a job is complete to see if we met the mark.

Before the debrief, walk through the space on your own and mark down any areas of concern that need to be addressed. Try and have your concerns written down so you can address them efficiently with the design build firm. It will save everyone a lot of time and effort if all areas of concern are addressed in the beginning so the contractor can fix them all at once.

A home addition or remodel is always going to disrupt your life in some way, but you can minimize the negative effects by working with Remodeling Pros on your dream home project.

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