Home additions are a great way to give your family more space to enjoy without needing to move. There are many options for room additions to maximize your home’s space, but here are some of the best opportunities.

Sunroom Additions

Especially in Florida, a sunroom addition is a great way to add more recreation space to your home. A sunroom can act as a playroom when kids are young, a relaxation space for older family members, and lets in natural light to brighten up your home. Sunrooms are often quite budget-friendly as well and provide a great return on investment. It’s estimated that you can see about a 50% return on your investment through the increase in value to your home.

Remodeling Pros can help design and build you a sunroom that meets your family’s needs for space. Contact us today to get a quote on your sunroom addition project.

Master Suite Additions

Picture the traditional “master suite.” A large bedroom with walk-in closets, a bathroom with hid-and-her sinks, and a shower and large tub probably spring to mind. If your home was built before World War II, you are probably living without this kind of master suite. That’s because this idea of what a master bedroom should be is relatively new and only gained mainstream popularity in the 1980’s.

A master suite addition, even one that’s relatively modest, can be a huge improvement in your quality of life. Having a spacious bedroom and bathroom, along with adequate storage space, can make your living space more relaxing, especially for retired folks that are spending more time at home. A master bedroom addition can also be a significant boost to your home’s value. Remodeling Magazine shows a return on investment of almost 60% for master suite additions.

Bathroom Additions

Living with less bathrooms than your family needs can be a constant source of frustration. A bathroom addition can be a huge boost to your quality of life and satisfaction with your home. Whether your bathroom addition is a full bath, half bath, or an outdoor bathroom, Remodeling Pros can help you design and build the bathroom addition your family needs.

Bonus Room Additions

Another popular room addition is a bonus room. Normally, a bonus room is a large open space that is often added as a second story and is used as a playroom or additional recreation area for the whole family. Of course, bonus rooms can also be built as ground-level additions as well.

Sometimes, bonus rooms can feel like a lifeless, dead space that get ignored in favor of warmer, more inviting spaces. This is especially true with bonus rooms that are physically separated from other parts of the home where you spend a lot of time already.

When considering a bonus room, think carefully about what you plan to use the space for, so you maximize the value of your addition. Remodeling Pros design team can help you create a functional bonus room that your family will actually use and enjoy.

Attic Conversions

While an attic conversion could be considered more of a remodel than an addition, many attic conversions include additions to the existing space. Converting your attic into additional living space can be a cost-effective way to increase the usable space in your home without increasing the footprint.

No matter what your addition project entails, working with Remodeling Pros will ensure you get the best design and construction services. Our team will help you visualize your home addition with sophisticated 3D renderings of the finished project and reduce disruptions to your life with the Last Day Breakthrough system.

If you’re ready to start planning your home addition, contact Remodeling Pros today for a quote on your home construction needs.