When you’re making the decision on who will complete the home addition project of your dreams there are many different factors to consider. Price, expertise, and positive reviews can all play a part in the decision-making process.

But one thing you should always insist on in any design build remodeling project is a 3D rendering.

What is 3D rendering?

3D renders are a realistic depiction of what your home addition project will look like when it’s completed using advanced software. They are different from flat floor plans in that they give a three-dimensional view of your finished project, rather than a floor plan that can be difficult for the average person to visualize.

Why are 3D renderings of home additions so important?

1. Make sure your designer is on the same page

There’s nothing worse than realizing the contractor you’re working with doesn’t understand what you want. Many times, design build remodel firms base their designs on just a few conversations and show homeowners 2D floorplans to approve. Unless you are very familiar with reading floorplan, it can be very difficult to fully understand what is being proposed by your designer.

Even worse, some home additions are carried out without an initial design process. Contractors just assure the homeowner they understand what you’re looking for.

3D renderings are the best, clearest way to see what your designer is proposing to make sure it’s exactly what you want. Remodeling Pros always begins projects with a design consultation that includes a 3D rendering. That way, you can rest easy that our team knows exactly what you want before construction ever begins.

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2. Know that you are working with a design build remodeling firm that uses the latest technology

Over time, new techniques emerge in every industry. If the design build firm you’re considering working with doesn’t offer 3D renderings of their proposed designs, you might find that their work overall is not up to date with the latest technology.

Remodeling Pros uses professionals with the best skills and highest level of expertise. This begins with the 3D renderings prepared by our designer for every single project.

3. Be able to fully visualize what the project will look like

This might seem pretty obvious but having a 3D rendering of your completed project that gives you a clear look at your new, remodeled home is a great way to remain excited about the finished product during construction. Even with our Last Day Breakthrough system to limit the disruption to your life, there will always come a time when you are impatient for your home addition to be finished.

When those feelings of impatience arise, just take a deep breath, check out your 3D rendering, and imagine enjoying your new home addition with your family.

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